A therapeutic application of coherent, monochromatic light energy at low intensitites at the vein using Helium and Neon as source of laser light.

It enhances the regulation of the body’s dynamical energy system for speedy healing and regeneration, good blood flow, detoxifying and anti-cancer qualities and other benefits

Bio-Repair I.V. Laser Therapy is widely practiced throughout Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe. This technology uses coherent light transmitted through a fiber optic light-guide directly into a blood vessel. Blood cells then start emitting light or biophotons. Now imagine light streaming from blood cells throughout the entire circulatory system, illuminating capillaries inside the liver, brain, and kidney and everywhere throughout the body. The emission of biophotons by the blood itself is responsible for most effects. Life stimulation and tissue regeneration are the first effects of Bio-Repair I.V. Laser Therapy. This therapy adds energy to activate immunity and increase the health of living systems.